“Tensho” (転掌) is a Goju ryu kata originally, that emphasizes on breathing, sanchin dachi, flowing techniques and is generally a “soft” and “calm” kata, however, with very sophisticated and powerful techniques. From what I understand, by practicing this kata for some 13 years or so now, the upper body remains relaxed while the lower part of the body remains solid, with a good strong sanchin dachi. Just not TOO strong, you always have to remember to be relaxed, because the philosophy is that you will also have to be able to move and change position when required!

Its “brother” kata is of course the Sanchin kata and they “go together” in a way.
Originally, “Tensho” was invented by o-sensei Chojun MIYAGI, founder of Goju-ryu style of Karate. It is the “soft sibling” of Sanchin kata and it was created in order to compliment Sanchin kata.

A few more words on the origin of Tensho kata, as sensei BOON HENG LEE, 7th Dan from Hong Kong wrote (thank you so much!):

“Tensho kata was a derivative of Rokishu 六基手。It literally means “6 basic ways of hand tech”. This was supposed to be a drill by two people. Goju founder Miyagi sensei brought this over from 精武體育會 (Jing Wu Athletic Association) Shanghai and modified into a